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25 – 29 August 2014

Institute of Deaf Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic

The International Summer School 2014: Current Issues in Sign Language Linguistics (CISL) aspires to encourage young specialists to do their own research and give them an overview of the currently discussed issues in the linguistics of sign languages in the world.

The Summer school will be divided into two main parts: Summer School Lecture and Summer School Open. The Summer School Lecture will be held 25th – 27th August 2014 on the premises of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. It will last three days and will be attended by 50 delegates from various countries from all around the world and specialists coming from USA, Australia and Europe, all of whom are active in the field of sign language linguistics: Sherman Wilcox, Phyllis Perin Wilcox, Carol Padden, Tom Humphries, Trevor Johnston, Adam Schembri, Christian Rathmann, Ulrike Zeshan, Irena Vaňková and Klára Richterová.

Following up right after the end of the Summer School Lecture will be the Summer School Open (28th – 29th August 2014), which in fact will be an open congress for the general public lasting two days. During its course the results of various foreign research projects conducted by both specialists and students who were present at Summer School Lecture will be presented, together with the summary of where the linguistics of sign languages might be headed. Other researchers, who want to present their newest findings in topics related to sign language linguistics, may also apply.

The main topics of Summer School 2014: CISL are: cognitive linguistics, corpora of sign languages, historical relatedness of sign languages, Deaf culture.

The official languages of the conference are spoken English, International Sign, Czech, Czech sign language.



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