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Main speakers' presentations

We publish the records of  keynote speehes which were presented at the conference "Cultural Linguistics for Today's Europe. Man, Languages, Values".


James W. Underhill  Individuals or Peoples for Europe
 Jürgen Trabant  Vanishing World Views
Mariarosaria Gianninoto  Translating European concepts into Chinese. Dà gōngmín or xiǎo shìmí. Some considerations on the terms for citizen in Mandarin Chinese
Ludmila Volná  Josef Čapek's World: Translating Dogs and Cats within Europe 
Irena Vaňková, Alena Macurová, Naďa Hynková Dingová  Man in language: spaces, stories, states of mind – experience (Spoken and sign languages)
Jerzy Bartmiński  The cognitive definition as a method of concept explication
Stanisława Niebrzegowska-Bartmińska On the profiling of concepts: issues debatable and nondebatable