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Man in Language: Spaces, Stories, States of mind – Spoken and Sign Languages


PDFDownload abstracts for morning lectures here.

PDFDownload abstracts for afternoon lectures here.


Monday June 27 (room 200)
8.20–8.45Registration in front of the room no. 200 (náměsí Jana Palacha 2, Prague 2)
8.45–9.00Opening Ceremony presented by the Dean dr. Mirjam Friedová
9.00–9.55James W. UnderhillIndividuals or Peoples for Europe?
9.55–10.40 Jürgen TrabantVanishing World Views
10.40–11.00coffee break
11.00–11.55Mariarosaria GianninotoTranslating European concepts into Chinese. Dà gōngmín or xiǎo shìmí. Some considerations on the terms for citizen in Mandarin Chinese
Afternoon – session: Spoken Languages  
13.30–15.30 (presents Z. Wildová)
13.30–13.45Veronika ČurdováThe PATH schema in Czech somatic phraseology
13.50–14.05Barbora BendíkováKinegrams – (Non)verbal communication in Czech somatic phraseology
14.10–14.25Natalia ZaneginaWhat an elbow is for: On fragments of Russian and Czech linguistic worldview
14.30–14.45Veronika VitkovskáEYE–EYES: the FUNCTION profile and its subprofiles in naive and scientific worldview
14.50–15.05Radka ZbořilováEmotions in Czech somatic phraseology
15.10–15.25Tereza NakayaPoetic view of Japanese mental space KOKORO
15.30–16.00coffee break
 16.00–18.05 (presents Veronika Čurdová)
16.00–16.20Lucie ŠťastnáOpposition “man–animal” in language
16.25–16.45Anna Christou“If the Devil Can't Get You Any Other Way, He Sends a Woman.” Old woman in the traditional worldview
16.50–17.10Jakub MarekCity stereotypes: Czech toponyms in the cognitive ethnolinguistics perspective
17.15–17.35Jan HulejaOstrava in the Czech worldview
17.40–18.00Zuzana WildováCzechs – liver of Europe? French linguistic worldview of a Czech
19.00Guided tour in Carolinum, the oldest building of the Charles University, and a small reception
Tuesday June 28 (room 200)
9.45–10.35Ludmila VolnáJosef Čapek's World: Translating Dogs and Cats within Europe
10.35–10.55coffee break
10.55–11.45Irena Vaňková – Alena Macurová – Naďa Hynková DingováMan in language: spaces, stories, states of mind – experience (Spoken and sign languages)
Afternoon – session 2: Signed Languages
13.30–13.50Anna MoudráThe metaphor LIFE IS PATH in Czech Sign Language
13.55–14.15Karla PokornáThe CONTAINER image schema and spatial orientation FROM BODY-TO BODY in Czech Sign Language
14.20–14.40Andrea Hudáková – Milena ČihákováDoggie and pussycat in the communication of Czech deaf children and their deaf parents
14.45–15.05Vladimír ŠimonStories of the Czech Deaf (On the storytelling research)
15.10–15.30Barbora GardelkováAnger in Czech Sign Language
15.35–16.00coffee break
16.00–18.00 (presents Radka Nováková)
16.00–16.20Lucie BřinkováSurvey of ethnic stereotypes in Czech Sign Language
16.25–16.45Jan ŠimůnekThe doctor stereotype in the perspective of the Czech Deaf
16.50–17.10Lenka OkrouhlíkováAnimals in sign languages in the 19th century
17.15–17.35Klára Richterová – Milan FritzThe structuring of time in Czech Sign Language (Calendar units)
17.40–18.00Lucie Půlpánová – Romana PetráňováTranslation of biblical texts into Czech Sign Language from the cognitive perspective (Selected aspects)
19.00Composed evening show by Deaf artists
Wednesday June 29 (room 200)
9.00–9.55Jerzy BartmińskiThe cognitive definition as a method of concept explication
9.55–10.40Stanisława Niebrzegowska-BartmińskaOn the profiling of concepts: issues debatable and nondebatable
10.40–11.00coffee break 
11.00–11.55Round table





















































































Room 200 is located on the second floor of the main Faculty of Arts building at náměstí Jana Palacha 2.

Schedule as of June 22 2016.