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Czech language

Most of CU’s Deaf students’ first language is the Czech Sign Language, with Czech being the second one (the third one being mostly English, followed by other spoken – e.g. German – and sign languages, e.g. American Sign Language, British Sign Language, International Sign System).

Within our organizational limits and our capacities, we offer the following services to Deaf students across the university:

další stránka cnes Supplementary Czech language classes: These are courses with the allocation of 4 lessons per week, taught in the Czech Sign Language and written Czech (see an example of the syllabus here). Those who are interested should contact the teacher of these courses, Mgr. Radka Zbořilová ( The service is not meant for Deaf Studies students (in the Bachelor’s degree or follow-up Master’s degree programme) as their mandatory study plan includes similar classes.

další stránka cnes Czech as a Foreign Language exam: The exam may be taken by CU’s all Deaf students whose first language is the Czech Sign Language. By no means is the exam a substitute for a foreign language exam, which is mandatory as per students’ particular programmes’ study plans (more information about preparation for the foreign language exam and its form may be found here). Those who are interested should contact the exam guarantor, Mgr. Radka Zbořilová (

další stránka cnes Language support for students writing their essays: For the moment, this service is provided solely in a trial mode and to a very limited extent.

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