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Functional diagnostics

In the Czech Rep. each tertiary education student (applicant) with special needs is entitled to the so-called modification of studies (entrance examination) and provision of support services, whose purpose is as optimal equalization of study conditions as possible for students with special needs and those without special needs.

The modifications and services are provided exclusively to registered students: see the Specifications for Funding of Increased Study Costs for Students with Special Needs in 2012, MEYS Czech Rep. (similar specifications also apply for the ensuing years) and CU Rector’s Measure No. 9/2013 Standards for Support Provided to Students and Applicants with Special Needs at Charles University in Prague.


How to register – applicant to CUFA

další stránka cnes A mandatory part of the Application Form is the Application for Modification of Entrance Examination. The latter Application must be filed in writing, supplemented with explanation and supported with a medical certificate. Advisably, it should mention that the applicant has a hearing impairment (not a sensual one) and include a suggested modification of the entrance examination (e.g. interpreting between Czech and Czech Sign Languagesimultaneous transcription, prolongation of time limit, small group…; inspiration may be found e.g. in the granted adjustments of secondary school-leaving examination conditions).

další stránka cnes Upon submission of the application, the applicant is contacted by Dr. Hudáková. Together they specify the conditions for the entrance examination modification. The final decision on the Application for Modification of Entrance Examination is made by the Dean.

další stránka cnes The entrance examination is carried out under modification according to the Dean’s decision. No services are ordered by the applicant, all is arranged by IDS (in compliance with the modifications determined by the Dean).

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How to register – CUFA student

další stránka cnes If your Application Form is supplemented with the Application for Modification of Entrance Examination and you are admitted to study at CUFA, you will be contacted (probably during the summer holidays) by Dr. Hudáková, with whom you will arrange the date for the so-called functional diagnostics.

další stránka cnes If your Application Form to study at CUFA is not supplemented with the Application for Modification of Entrance Examination and you are admitted to study at CUFA (or you already study at CUFA) or your aural condition has changed during your studies, please contact Dr. Hudáková as soon as possible and arrange with her the date for the so-called functional diagnostics.

další stránka cnes What is the functional diagnostics? It is a roughly one-hour conversation with Dr. Hudáková about which services and modifications the student could make use of during their studies. The functional diagnostics of Deaf, hard of hearing and deafened students is recorded into this form (one counterpart is submitted by Dr. Hudáková to the Faculty’s Registrar’s Office, one is archived and one is given to the student). Treatment of the functional diagnostics conclusions is determined solely by the student.

další stránka cnes For the functional diagnostics interview, please bring the Informed Consent Form and a medical certificate: (1) handicap certificate within the intention of the Employment Act (should you have one), (2) disablement certificate within the intention of the Pension Insurance Act (should you have one), (3) ZTP/P (Severe Health Disability / Special Assistance Needed) card (should you have one), (4) up-to-date medical report on phoniatric examination results + audiogram.

další stránka cnes Registration: Dr. Hudáková shall submit the Functional Diagnostics Form + signed Informed Consent Form + the student’s medical certificate to the Faculty’s Registrar’s Office.


Information for applicants and students of other CU faculties

další stránka cnes For the modification of studies (entrance examination), provision of services during studies (during entrance examination) and functional diagnostics and registration of Deaf, hard of hearing and deafened students, Dr. Hudáková may also be contacted by students (applicants), teachers etc. at other CU faculties. Particular steps are always personalized and depend on arrangement with Dr. Hudáková.

General Information about Registration of Students with Special Needs at CU

General Information about Functional Diagnostics at CU


Importance of registering Deaf, hard of hearing and deafened students (and students with special needs in general)

další stránka cnes The modifications of studies and services may be used solely by registered students. It is only for the registered students that CU can receive funds to provide the modifications of studies and services.

další stránka cnes A Deaf, hard of hearing or deafened student might decide to manage their studies without any modifications. Such a decision is commendable as graduating from CUFA is not possible without great effort on the student’s part. Nevertheless, the student might not be fully acquainted with the requirements associated with the studies and, therefore, might fail to estimate well enough potential tough spots and obstacles to their successful studies. Consequently, it is advisable for the student to become registered and, if needed, to exercise their demands. Should the student subsequently, during their studies, come across no obstacles impeding their fulfilment of their obligations, including tests, then all the better.

další stránka cnes Some students might be worried that their health information could become public. The number of the Faculty staff with access to this information is very limited (Dr. Hudáková / person performing the functional diagnostics, contact person, Head of Registrar); other persons’ (in particular teachers’) access is limited to the diagnostics outputs should the student apply for modification/services. The decision about disclosure of the data and its extent shall be taken by the student themselves.


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