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Ordering of services

Ordering of services provided by IDS is a part of the Internal IDS Rules for Provision of Services to CUFA’s Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deafened Students.

These specify ordering of interpreting, transcription and note-taking services. To order other services (an overview of all services provided by IDS may be found here) please contact Dr. Andrea Hudáková (


Who orders the services?

Services for regular classes in accordance with the timetable, for special lectures/seminars which they want to attend individually, for extra classes, excursions, exams, matriculations, graduations, tutorials, appointments at the Registrar’s Office etc. shall be ordered by the Deaf, hard of hearing or deafened student for whom the service in question is intended, based on their communication preferences substantiated by the functional diagnostics.

As regards events for CUFA’s Deaf, hard of hearing and deafened students regardless of the year and programme or events for public, the services are ordered by IDS, or the person in charge of the event. The events in question comprise public lectures, open days, entrance examinations, registration of newly admitted students.


Where to order the services?

Please contact the coordinator of services (the current coordinator of services is Mgr. Petra Slánská Bímová:

The order must include the following information:

-       name / brief description of the event for which the service is ordered,

-       date,

-       exact time (from – to),

-       venue

-       teacher’s name + contact information

(E.g. Structures and Functions of Sign Language examination, 06/06/2015, 9 am – 10:30 am, room P018, Prof. Macurová –


When to order the services?

 The services must be ordered sufficiently in advance: 

xls Before the semester the coordinator sends out the table to students for ordering of services during regular classes in accordance with the timetable and provides information about the date by which the filled-in table must be sent back.

další stránka cnes Services for extracurricular events related to studies at CUFA (special lectures, extra classes, tests, tutorials, matriculations, graduations etc.) must be ordered at least 3 working days in advance; services for multiple-day events (e.g. excursion, conference) must be ordered at least one week in advance.

další stránka cnes An orderer who fails to order a service in a proper and timely manner must be aware of the risk that the service might not be carried out (e.g. it might not be feasible to find an interpreter overnight; neither the interpreter/transcriber/note-taker nor the coordinator can be held responsible).


How is the order processed?

další stránka cnes The order is accepted by the coordinator, who sends out a request and secures the service provider. The coordinator then informs all parties (student, teacher, event organizer etc.) how and by whom the service is going to be carried out, and provides contact information. If the teacher / event organizer has no experience with services for the Deaf and hard of hearing, the coordinator of services provides them with relevant information.


Ordering of note-taking service

další stránka cnes Ordering of the note-taking service is specific in the fact that the service is provided by CUFA’s students, not by the Faculty’s internal or external staff. Therefore, even though the service is ordered via the coordinator of services just like interpreting and transcription, the Deaf, hard of hearing and deafened students perform their own active search for note-takers from the ranks of their schoolmates. In the event that they fail to find one, they can ask the teacher / event organizer, or the coordinator of services, for help with arranging the note-taker.

další stránka cnes Advisably, not only the note-taker but also the note-taker’s substitute should be arranged.

další stránka cnes Please report the note-taker’s and their substitute’s names + e-mail contacts to the coordinator of services before the classes/event.

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