The Deaf Studies programme, to which the Institute of Deaf Studies employees’ expert activities are closely linked, is relatively young. Both its structure and the Institute’s expert activities accentuate the linguistic approach to deafness, pursued nowhere else in the Czech Republic.
Inviting, by its very nature, an interdisciplinary approach and a contrastive perspective, the spheres of the Institute’s expert interest may be roughly defined as follows:

(1) specifics of the culture, linguistic and communication situation of the Czech Deaf,

(2) Czech Sign Language, its structure and functioning,

(3) written Czech of the Czech Deaf,

(4) Czech situation in training and education of hearing-impaired children and youth (esp. the Deaf) and

(5) interpreting between the Czech Sign Language and Czech.

Within these spheres, both the theoretical approach (structural, communication, cognitive) and aspects of applying theoretical knowledge in practice (esp. in the fields of education of Deaf children and interpreting) are pursued. A significant part of the Institute’s expert work is its “public enlightenment” focus, aimed at the Deaf community, at the experts (esp. educators of the Deaf), and at the general layman public (including the CUNI academia).

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