Service description

The note-taking service is used by most CUFA’s Deaf, hard of hearing and deafened students, some separately, others parallelly with interpreting or parallelly with simultaneous transcription. This is because when the Deaf, hard of hearing or deafened students are forced to follow the class communication by sight (i.e. they follow the interpreter or simultaneous transcription and/or lip-read), they cannot take their own notes in the class the way hearing students do; the notes are thus secured for them by assigned (and, ideally, trained) note-takers from the ranks of their schoolmates within assistance during studies.

The note-taker shall produce notes in the classes where the student orderer is present (in the event of the student’s absence, all services shall be cancelled unless arranged otherwise – the note-taking may be carried out by way of compensation where an interpreter fails to arrive and the class is not cancelled – more information can be found here).

After the class, the note-taker shall finalize the notes and send them to the teacher, who shall revise or complete them and deliver them to the student orderer as arranged (deliver them directly to the student or via the note-taker, save them into Moodle etc.). The Deaf, hard of hearing or deafened student must always receive the revised notes at least 24 hours before the next class of the course in question in order to be able to prepare for it. Therefore, the teacher must be sent the notes as soon as possible.

The note-taker shall communicate both with the teacher and the student to whom the service is provided; in particular, they are advised to ask for feedback as to whether the course and form of the note-taking is convenient, or what could be altered.

Ordering note-taking

Information for note-takers:

Registration in the database run by CICSS: Since 2014 the note-taking service has been funded as a form of assistance during studies through the Office for Students with Special Needs of the Centre for Information, Counselling and Social Services, CU (CICSS CU). Before first use/provision of the service, each Deaf, hard of hearing or deafened student wishing to use the service as well as each student note-taker wishing to provide the service must register in the corresponding database run by CICSS CU.

Reporting hours worked and payment of scholarship (note-taking for Deaf Studies students): at the end of each month, the note-taker shall fill in the time sheet received from the coordinator of services before commencement of their assistance and send it to the coordinator – electronically, without a signature, without a date at the bottom of the form. The scholarship is paid quarterly; all required formalities and communication with CICSS CU shall be arranged by the coordinator.

Reporting hours worked and payment of scholarship (note-taking for students of other programmes): Upon registration in the database run by CICSS CU, reporting hours worked and payment of remuneration comply with the information in the database run by CICSS CU, including confirmation of the time sheets by the clients, i.e. by the Deaf, hard of hearing or deafened students for whom the note-taking service is intended (nonetheless, the note-takers are asked to send the time sheets to the coordinator each quarter to allow the coordinator to include the hours worked into aggregate sheets). The scholarship is paid quarterly.

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